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I lost 50 lbs in 4 months!


Albuquerque, New Mexico

I am the standard, nearly life-long dieter. And until Ideal Protein was recommended to me, I continued dieting with little or no response. I carried 25-50 extra pounds at one point or another and suffered joint pain, dissatisfaction, sleeping issues and fatigue. Sound familiar?

Ideal Protein offered me a simple protocol to follow as well as a private counselor to monitor and support my efforts. I had to do this for me. I already new "all the answers" but could not make it happen; decades and decades of not making it happen. I decided to listen to my counselor and just do it! Just do the program as designed. Do whatever it takes. What did I have to lose? "Fat".

When I started the program I had 25 pounds to lose. I lost an additional 25 pounds in 4 months and I will never look back. I would like to thank Gretchen Kirkwood, my Ideal Protein advisor, for her knowledge, monitoring visits, and friendship.

I believe I have found the key to the rest of my life. It is Ideal Protein!

New Mexico Chiropractic Center - Albuquerque, NM

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I could not figure out why I was lacking in energy and just did not feel "good".  I started getting Chiropractic care with Dr. Todd and he explained to me how Chiropractic care would correct what was wrong in my spine- which was causing interference on my nervous system.  Now it all makes sense!  I get adjusted regularly now and I feel AMAZING!  I have my energy back!  Thank you Dr. Todd! 

- Marie S. Age 34  (Rice Lake, WI)
Rice Lake, WI

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Our dieters at Priority Chiropractic lose 3-5 pounds a week!

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